Authority Files

SCIS Authority Files [subscription required] are separate index files of authorised names and subjects used as access points in SCIS catalogue records, and are released twice a year as downloadable files ready for implementation in your library management system.

Secondary school library

All SCIS catalogue records downloaded from SCISWeb contain authorised SCIS Subject Headings but no cross-references to other related terms to support user searching in the Catalogue.

For example, the authorised SCIS subject heading for resources related to hurricanes is Cyclones. If a user searches on the term Hurricanes, without a see reference to direct them to the authorised subject heading Cyclones, they may believe that the library does not contain any resources on hurricanes. See also references between related terms are also important for assisting the user to find resources on similar subjects.

Watch our video on Authority Files.

SCIS Authority Files are available in MARC or ASCII format to suit the majority of library management systems. For more detailed information about SCIS Authority Files and how to download them for use in your library management system, please see our Authority Files Help page.

All subject headings within the SCIS Authority Files have been created in accordance with the Guidelines to using SCIS Subject Headings, which are available in PDF format from our Help page.

Subscribing to SCIS Authority Files

SCIS Authority Files customers pay an annual subscription fee of $100.65 inc GST ($91.50AUD for international schools). The subscription is based on a calendar year and expires in December.

Note: Some schools do not require a subscription as they are covered by statewide licences (ACT, NSW, SA and WA government schools)

Before subscribing, please read the following documents:

Licence Agreement (ICON - PDF 50 kB)

Terms and conditions of sale (ICON - PDF 46 kB)

Authority File order form (ICON - PDF 159 kB)

An invoice will be sent with details on how to access and use SCIS Authority Files.

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