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SCIS Standards for Cataloguing and Data Entry

The April 2017 revision of the SCIS standards continues the alignment of SCIS descriptive cataloguing policy to Resource Description and Access (RDA). SCIS no longer uses the GMD (General Material Designation), a set of deprecated terms used to describe the ‘Type of resource’. And the place of publication, publisher and date of publication are now encoded using the MARC ‘264’ field, which is specifically designed for these RDA elements.

SCIS and ScOT genre headings for works of fiction, including fictional films, television programs, etc, will now be encoded in the MARC ‘655’ field. This coding will enable many school library systems to register these as specific genres.

The April 2017 revision also reflects a new approach to improving the consistency of series access points, with guidelines for creating series authority records.

ICON - PDF  SCIS Standards for Cataloguing and Data Entry (pdf, 1.22 MB)


SCIS Subject Headings guides

Further information about cataloguing with SCIS Subject Headings.

ICON - PDF  Overview and Principles of SCIS Subject Headings (pdf, 184 KB)

SCIS Subject Headings adheres to a number of principles and policies, which are used as a guide when headings are being revised or new headings added to the list.

ICON - PDF  Guidelines to using SCIS Subject Headings (pdf, 212 KB)

This document contains guidelines on the application of SCIS Subject Headings in order to provide suitable subject headings to be used as access points in a school library catalogue or other databases such as a metadata repository or bibliographic database.

ICON - PDF  Ready reckoner for using SCIS Subject Headings (pdf, 106 KB)

This document contains the list of subdivisions, genre headings, model headings and categories for devising proper and common name headings.

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