New digital curriculum content

National Digital Learning Resources Network (NDLRN) has partnered with the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF) and RealTime Health to make available to teachers and students across Australia, a wide range of digital resources. The two separate sets of resources will add to the pool of content that NDLRN develops and distributes to education jurisdictions across Australia.

My Place for Teachers

The My Place for Teachers website is designed to support teachers in exploring issues and contexts presented in My Place, a children’s book (written in 1988 by Nadia Wheatley and illustrated by Donna Rawlins to celebrate Australia’s bicentenary), and the My Place television series. The website is designed for Years 3–6 with a focus on the Australian Curriculum for English and History. All resources available on the website are aligned to the draft national curriculum. Teachers can access this website – and are able to view or download the clips, stills, teaching activities and digital curriculum resources – without any fee.

The main features of My Place for Teachers are:

  • A timeline that highlights events of each decade through the stories of the children in the clips and development of Australia as a nation through time. Teachers can delve further into historical and political, social and cultural as well as scientific and technological contexts over time.
  • 39 digital clips and associated teaching activities and student activity sheets. The activities have rich curriculum content that relates directly to the Australian Curriculum for the studies of English and History.
  • Three main themes and 22 sub-themes, which teachers can search for relevant resources to support their teaching.
  • Aligned resources and links to the content of cultural organisations where teachers will find other information to clarify and support historical and literary ideas about the book, TV series and associated topics.
  • Our Place which is an interactive online teacher forum where teachers can share their strategies for using the My Place for Teachers website in the classroom, and upload their students’ stories.

Teachers can use the teaching activities as they stand or adapt them to their own classroom needs. Primary teachers, in particular, may like to search for content by theme: for example, Australians at War, Identity, and Character.

Since 1988, thousands of Australian teachers have used the My Place book to support the teaching of English and Australian History. The My Place for Teachers interactive website extends and enlivens the teaching potential of this brilliant resource and the TV series.

Visit the website at Teachers can also view clips from the series by searching for 'My Place' in their education authority’s portal.

Speaking from Experience

Speaking from Experience is a collection of digital video clips documenting Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people’s experiences of living with a chronic illness or caring for someone with one. They speak openly about their day-to-day challenges and give insights into their feelings and coping strategies. The series sensitively captures the impact of their illnesses and their emotional journeys. Topics include Type 1 diabetes; families and chronic illness; epilepsy; asthma; mental health; and hearing impairment.

Suggested use

The clips can be used by teachers and students in supportive learning environments, also in professional development sessions for teaching and nonteaching school staff who may need to better understand the issues faced by students with a chronic illness. They can be viewed online or downloaded for whole-class use, and are available free of charge for noncommercial educational purposes.

Support and advice

Each clip has accompanying online education notes and a transcript. Further support for teachers is also available free of charge such as clips of a school counsellor and a classroom teacher discussing points to consider before using the resources and providing a range of ideas for how to use them one-on-one, in the classroom or in professional development sessions. There are also downloadable activities in PDF and Word formats, so that teachers can use them as they are or customise them.


Teachers and students across Australia can access these resources by searching for ‘Speaking from Experience’ in their education authority’s portal. Alternatively, teachers can register for full access at

Accessing other NDLRN curriculum content

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