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Book cover images

Education Services Australia and Thorpe-Bowker have recently upgraded their licence to extend the use of the book cover images provided with SCIS records. Schools subscribing to SCISWeb may now use them not only within their library catalogues but also on the school website, including in blogs, wikis, online newsletters and intranets.

This extension applies to online use only, and does not permit usage such as printing them for use in book displays. So while, for example, it may be tempting to: print a SCIS book cover image; turn it into a poster and laminate it; and then use it to advertise Book Week this does not fall within the licence agreement for the use of SCIS book cover images.


Book cover images are also available on other web pages, including publishers’, but you would need to look at the terms of usage on that web page to see if they are freely available to be printed. Contacting the publisher to ask permission would be the safest thing to do. Most publishers would be very happy for their books to be promoted within schools.

For more information about this and other copyright questions, a good place to refer to is the Smartcopying website at

Website catalogue records

From June 2010 SCISWeb subscribers have a new, quick way of ordering SCIS catalogue records for websites, replacing the former monthly website list method. From the ‘Special Orders File’ page in SCISWeb, follow the link to SCIS website records. Here you can preview and order catalogue records for websites that have been evaluated to ensure that their content is suitable for schools. Simply choose the last month or pick your own date range; preview the websites’ content if you wish; then at the click of a button a file of catalogue records is ready for you to download and import into your local library system.