Website reviews

100 Essential Websites
Devised by the influential British newspaper, The Guardian, this bibliography of significant websites is broad in its selection. Subjects covered include blogging, politics, music, visual arts and social networking. Not all featured sites may be applicable to the school setting. SCIS No: 1458330

Animoto – The End of Slideshows
This media sharing site offers a free basic service that will quickly turn your photos, music and video footage into a unique video sequence similar to a movie trailer. Users can subscribe to additional services. SCIS No: 1414262

BBC – History: Victorians
The immense impact of the Industrial Revolution that propelled Victorian Britain to global pre-eminence is investigated on this website. The innovative uses of technology, changes to daily life, social issues, health and important political events are explained. SCIS No: 1458332

The New South Wales Department of Education and Teaching’s ezine, Click, is a technology guide for parents. Common IT terms are explained, links are included on helping to combat cyber-bullying, advice is available for cyber-safety, and related blogs can be accessed. The content is also applicable to other education systems. SCIS No: 1358538

Museum of Science and Industry: Simple Machines Game
The physics behind the operation of simple machines is explored through a series of games that use animated characters to solve tasks. Other online science material from the Museum of Science and Industry is linked also. SCIS No: 1458355

NASA @ Home and City
Another superb NASA site; this one allows students to see the impact of space technology on their everyday lives. Interactive information panels highlight spin-offs from NASA research including sports cool suits, freeze-dried food, UV blocking glasses, lower emissions cars and bacteriostatic water softeners. SCIS No: 1458369

The National Academies Presents: What You Need to Know about Energy
This authoritative national US advisory body has detailed objective information on energy efficiency, sources of energy, environmental costs of energy and how energy is used by consumers. The material features extensive referencing and links to additional, more complex, reports. SCIS No: 1458374

Ranger’s Apprentice
Fans of this successful series, written by Australian author John Flanagan, will discover an intriguing website filled with games, quizzes, videos, downloads, character information and a newsletter link. SCIS No: 1393516

Teen Blog – Book Lists for Teens
New Zealand’s Wellington City Libraries have compiled an extensive bibliography for teenagers. Subsections include classic novels (which have been summarised in haiku); titles for boys and titles for girls; Maori writers; manga titles; and suggestions for similar books to popular series books. SCIS No: 1458387

Time Resources
Budding horologists are encouraged to explore the many facets of time. Information includes phases of the moon, atomic clocks, terrestrial dynamical time, satellite images and time zone converters. SCIS No: 1458391

Upload & Share PowerPoint Presentations and Documents
By utilising this site your slideshow message can be shared either publicly or privately. Viewers can also comment on and rate shows, create webinars and musical presentations, and search for topics of interest. SCIS No: 1458833

NLA Australian Newspapers
The National Library of Australia has made available digitised versions of historic Australian newspapers from 1803 to 1954. Newspapers available include The Sydney Morning Herald, The Argus, The Mercury, The Brisbane Courier and The Northern Territory Times and Gazette. Other newspaper titles are being progressively added. SCIS No: 1448616

Wordle – Beautiful Word Clouds
An amazing word art tool that rearranges words from your text, giving prominence to frequently used words by resizing them, recolouring and utilising different fonts. The ‘word clouds’ produced add a vibrant dimension to presentations, displays and the analysing of text. SCIS No: 1414294

Reviewed by Nigel Paull


Teacher librarian
South Grafton Primary School, NSW

The Internet sites selected in Website reviews are often of a professional nature and should be initially viewed by teachers and library staff to determine suitability for students. The links, content and address of these sites may not be permanent.