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This page features our most recent or highly recommended professional resources to support teaching practice. Please visit for a full list of titles or to place your order.

Keepin' It Real

Integrating new literacies with effective classroom practice


96 pp book - Years: 3-6
Author: Lisa Donohue
Publisher: Pembroke
RRP: $45.00
SCIS No: 1501450
ISBN: 9781551382609

Keepin’ It Real will help teachers learn to use new literacies – digital, social, media and critical – to strengthen and support reading, writing and listening.

Based on the premise that in order to proficiently use technology one must be skilled at reading and writing, the book challenges teachers to use new literacies as a learning experience for both teacher and student. The book explores the real risks and benefits of new forms of communication and their power as important tools for engaging students.

The world may be changing, and the tools we use to interact with it may be evolving, but the basic skills we need to actively engage with the world remain constant.

Day by Day

Refining writing workshop through 180 days of reflective practice


328 pp - Years: K-6
Authors: Ruth Ayres & Stacey Shubitz
Publisher: Stenhouse
RRP: $52.95
SCIS No: 1501440
ISBN: 9781571108098

Have you ever wanted your own personal writing coach to help improve your teaching of writing? How about two personal writing coaches? In Day by Day, Stacey Shubitz and Ruth Ayres, creators of popular blog ‘Two Writing Teachers’, guide you through the trials and tribulations of a whole year of writing workshop.

The book is organised around six fundamental components of writing workshop: routines, mini-lessons, choice, mentors, conferring and assessment. Each component is broken down into 10-day sections and each section includes a detailed discussion; a challenge teachers can apply immediately; and questions to help teachers assess the process to see what went right, what went wrong, and, most importantly, why.

Offering encouragement, support, practical strategies, tips and advice Day by Day provides everything you need to run an effective writing workshop that meets the needs of all the different writers in your classroom.

Writing with Mentors DVD


195 min. DVD Years: K-8
Authors: Lynne Dorfman & Rose Cappelli
Publisher: Stenhouse
RRP: $495.00
SCIS No: 1501458
ISBN: 9781571108418

In Writing with Mentors, the authors take viewers inside two classrooms to watch how children’s literature can be used to effectively teach both informational and narrative writing.

The DVD contains two programs – each over 90 minutes long – that show how a writing lesson evolves over two days. Viewers will see master teachers in action, demonstrating modelling; shared writing; whole-group lessons; small-group and one-on-one conferences; using writers’ notebooks; and the all-important reflection on the lesson.

Real-world writing and real writers don’t follow a script. Join Lynne and Rose as they show how to teach writing the way it was meant to be taught.

Math Work Stations: Independent learning you can count on, K-2


312 pp book - Years: K-2
Author: Debbie Diller
Publisher: Stenhouse
RRP: $64.95
SCIS No: 1501466
ISBN: 9781571107930

If you’ve ever questioned how to make math stations work, you’ll find this photo-filled, idea-packed resource invaluable. This book extends Debbie Diller’s bestselling work on literacy work stations and classroom design to the field of mathematics.

In Math Work Stations you’ll find ideas to help students develop conceptual understanding and skills, use math vocabulary as they talk about their mathematical thinking, and connect big ideas to meaningful independent exploration and practice. This book details how to set up, manage and keep math stations going throughout the year. There’s a chapter devoted solely to organising and using math manipulatives. Each chapter includes:

  • key concepts
  • math vocabulary resources and literature links
  • suggested materials to include at each station for the corresponding math content strand
  • ideas for modelling, troubleshooting, differentiating and assessment
  • reflection questions for professional development.

Throughout the book are hundreds of colour photos showing math work stations in action, charts and reproducibles so you’ll have everything you need to get started with stations in your classroom right away.

Susan Mullins


Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Education Services Australia