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Enhanced content in SCIS OPAC

SCIS has taken out a subscription with Thorpe-Bowker,, for enhanced content services from Syndetics Solutions and LibraryThing for Libraries (LTFL). This service allows bibliographic records in SCIS OPAC to display enriched content from Syndetics including:

  • summaries and annotations
  • fiction and biography profiles
  • author notes
  • awards
  • books in a series
  • reviews from Bookseller & Publisher, New York Times, School Library Journal and other review publications.

Community-generated content from LibraryThing for Libraries includes user tags; links to other editions, translations and similar items; and reviews from the LTFL customer base around the world. If you are registered with LibraryThing, you will be able to add your own reviews through the SCIS OPAC interface and share these for the benefit of all SCIS users.

Reviews, tags and other enhanced content will not be downloaded with SCIS records. We hope you find the additional content valuable for resource selection and that it enhances your discovery of learning resources and fiction in SCIS OPAC.

Some library system vendors have negotiated agreements to provide enhanced content in the local school library system for a small extra charge. Consult your vendor if you are interested in enhanced content services for your local system.

SCIS system upgrade

The Voyager library management system which underpins the SCIS service is scheduled to be upgraded in the third quarter of 2011. The upgrade is tentatively scheduled to commence on 3 October 2011. As this will be a major upgrade, which involves migration to a new server platform, SCISWeb may be unavailable at some time during this upgrade. We will endeavour to keep disruptions to a minimum and will keep you informed via news postings on the SCIS website,, the SCIS blog,, and email messages to subscribers. Please ensure that you have a valid email address registered with SCIS so that we can keep you informed; simply log in to SCISWeb,, and go to ‘My Profile’ to add or update your email address.

The major benefit of the upgrade for SCISWeb users will be a redesigned and more intuitive online catalogue interface.

Resource description and access

Resource description and access (RDA) is the new standard which is intended to replace the Anglo-American cataloguing rules (AACR2). In June 2011 the Committee coordinating the testing of RDA released its report. The Library of Congress, the National Agricultural Library and the National Library of Medicine together with a number of test partner libraries evaluated RDA by testing it within the library and information environment, assessing the technical, operational and financial implications of the new code.

The key recommendation is that RDA be adopted with certain conditions and that implementation not occur before January 2013. The full report, executive summary and responses from the three US national libraries are available on the Library of Congress website at

SCIS will continue to monitor developments with RDA and will keep subscribers and vendors informed as implementation plans are developed over the coming months.

Leonie Bourke


Manager, SCIS
Education Services Australia