Website reviews

100 incredibly useful YouTube channels for teachers

As the title conveys, this website provides links to some stunning video footage, albeit more suited to secondary teachers. The sites are grouped by educational subject areas and range from the Smithsonian Museum to the Royal Opera House.

SCIS no: 1508505

Bill Nye’s climate lab

Appealing graphics and video, combined with entertaining missions and activities, offer students an insight into a variety of ways to reduce energy consumption and to further their understanding of climate change.

SCIS no: 1509709

Supporting literacy and learning

Created by the National Library of New Zealand for NZ schools to help develop their school libraries, this website contains information pertinent for all teacher librarians. Comprehensive content is grouped into four areas: Developing your library, Creating readers, Maori learning environments and 21st-century literacy and inquiry.

SCIS no: 1504614

Bringing data to life in the classroom

Focusing on ‘bringing data to life in the classroom’, this educational website from the Australian Bureau of Statistics achieves this aim by using online video tutorials, student puzzles, wide-ranging library resources and offering specific resources for teachers.

SCIS no: 1414656

Essay writing
James Cook University has formulated an easily understood introduction and checklist for students to enhance their essay writing techniques and structure. The site is applicable to senior secondary students,particularly as a teacher-directed classroom series of lessons.

SCIS no: 1437848

Explore, play, discover: websites and activities

Key science and mathematics concepts are explained on this innovative and absorbing site that encourages students to explore a range of topics. Topics include geometry, navigation, astronomy, sound, seasons and living things.

SCIS no: 1509705

HMAS Sydney: Western Australian Museum

The sinking of HMAS Sydney (II) in 1941 remains Australia's greatest naval tragedy. This award winning site features the history of the ship, a timeline of events, gallery, oral histories and a bibliography. Students are catered for with a series of activities and teachers have material linked to the national curriculum.

SCIS no: 1508561

Information literacy
The University of Idaho has developed a seven-module information literacy course suitable for undergraduates and senior secondary students. Modules include information, topics, searching, locating, evaluating, sharing and the UI Catalog. The online self-marking multiple-choice quizzes at the conclusion of each module are a feature.

SCIS no: 1509713

LibraryThing: catalog your books online

Just the site for teacher librarians and other bibliophiles, this website allows users to catalogue their personal collections online using data supplied by Library of Congress, Amazon and 690 associated libraries. Users can then join over a million members in what has been described as ‘Facebook for books’!

SCIS no: 1509781

Microsoft Australia education – teacher tools

The broad range of Microsoft products suitable for teachers to use are explained in depth here using video and documents. Relevant software guides include Bing, Office, Windows 7, OneNote, Windows Live Movie Maker and Office Web Apps.

SCIS no: 1509784

Online books, poems, short stories – read print library

Thousands of public domain classic novels, non fiction, poems and short stories are available free of charge from this searchable website. A personal computer is suitable to read the books, with no special software necessary. The page layout can be a little ‘busy’ however.

SCIS no: 1470132


Applicable to most internet users, this Australian Government website is a relevant tool in schools to heighten awareness of the steps students, teachers and parents can undertake to help protect financial and personal information in an online world. The Budd:e E-security Education Package modules for primary and secondary students are particularly relevant.

SCIS no: 1354468

Warren McCullough’s web stuff – ICT supporting the curriculum

Teachers interested in most aspects of integrating IT into the curriculum will find a plethora of pertinent information on this Australian website. The main subsections feature school technology news, intranet use, servers and network information, software and ICT planning for schools.

SCIS no: 1509813

Reviewed by Nigel Paull


Teacher librarian
South Grafton Primary School, NSW


The Internet sites selected in Website reviews are often of a professional nature and should be initially viewed by teachers and library staff to determine suitability for students. The links, content and address of these sites may not be permanent.