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Abiator's Interactive English Activities A range of interactive language activities is the focus of this site. Primary students can create crazy stories, unscramble sentences, complete crosswords and test their knowledge of tense and grammar.
SCIS No: 1239398

The Age of Enlightenment
The depth of France's artistic heritage from the Age of Enlightenment is showcased on this comprehensive site. Features include biographical information on the artists, their paintings and relevant historical information.
SCIS No: 1239399

Anglo-Australian Observatory
Astronomical Images
The telescopes of the Anglo-Australian Observatory have been used to help capture a colourful collection of wide-field astronomy images of distant stars, galaxies and nebulae. Copyright issues are addressed on the website.
SCIS No: 1239547

Auslan - Signbank
Auslan is the language of the deaf community of Australia. This website shows the alphabet and allows users to input words and view sign searches, finger spelling and number signs.
SCIS No: 1239400

Australian Red Cross
The information presented by the Red Cross Youth and Education Services outlines the role that students can take in volunteer community projects and programs that maintain community awareness of the role of the Red Cross.
SCIS No: 1239449

Barani is an interactive, searchable resource that outlines the significant aspects of Sydney's Indigenous history. The content has been grouped into themes and contains biographies, links, references, a glossary and timeline.
SCIS No: 1126513

Black Friday - Online Documentary
About the 1939 Victorian Bushfires This absorbing website explores Australia's worst bushfire. Students can use interactive maps, watch and read eyewitness accounts, refer to the timeline, and read newspaper reports and the Royal Commission findings.
SCIS No: 1239523

Bright Sparks
Mathematics teachers may use this material to enhance their curriculum with a variety of innovative, absorbing puzzles and games. Links to additional NZ Maths sites are available.
SCIS No: 1239526

Creative Writing - Kids on the Net
Emanating from the trAce Online Writing Centre at Nottingham Trent University, this website allows students to submit their own writing to be published on the Internet. Students are also encouraged to use animation, audio, graphics and hypertext in their submissions.
SCIS No: 1239538

Journey Through the Galaxy
A combination of text, embedded links, diagrams, graphs and pictures is used to present information relating to the solar system, stars, extra-solar planets, the universe, and human exploration of space. This resource is available in two versions suitable for primary or secondary students.
SCIS No: 1239542

Making Multicultural Australia
An initiative of the NSW Department of Education and Training and the Office of the Board of Studies NSW, this award-winning site provides extensive resources and information to explore Australia's cultural diversity and the contributions of different cultural groups to our multicultural society.
SCIS No: 1224141

NAACE Primary: Classroom Activities
Primary teachers wanting to become more proficient at integrating ICT into their literacy and numeracy programs should investigate the activities presented here. Teachers are encouraged to download appropriate free software to undertake electronic publishing of poems, clozes, quizzes and big books.
SCIS No: 1239846

PestWorld for Kids
An engaging website about household pests that features innovative and interactive activities, learning resources and lesson plans. Students will particularly like the sections on the risks that the pests may present and the opportunity to send a 'Pestcard' to their friends.
SCIS No: 1239773

Welcome to Victoria's Virtual Library
Victoria's Virtual Library (VVL) is the public library portal for the State of Victoria. It provides access to a wealth of selected online and web resources including contemporary issues, reference services, the Zine newsletter, multilingual material, online databases and Picture Victoria.
SCIS No: 1152436

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