New and revised subject headings

Headings marked with an asterisk in the following list are existing allowed headings which have been updated with changes to references or notes. New headings are marked as N. Headings which were USE references in SCIS Subject Headings Fifth Edition but are now headings in their own right are marked as A. Deleted headings are marked as D.

For full details of these headings, see the SCIS website at

A cumulative list of all new and revised subject headings approved since publication of SCIS Subject Headings Fifth Edition is also available at this site.

* Aboriginal peoples
N Board games
* Business
* Computer networks
N Customer services
N Dating (Social)
D Dating (Social customs)
D Dating (Social customs) - Fiction
N Dystopian fiction
N Dystopian fiction - History and criticism
N Dystopias
* Fantasy
* Games
N Hospitality industry - Customer services
A Internet
N Internet - Directories
D Internet (Computer network)
D Internet (Computer network) - Directories
* Love
* Love stories
* Marriage
D Nyungar (Aboriginal people)
* Political science
* Science fiction
* Social life and customsv N Utopian fiction
N Utopian fiction - History and criticism
* Utopias
* Websites - Directories