SCISWeb Handy hints

1 SCIS Customer Centre or SCISWeb access problems

If you have discovered that your access to SCIS Customer Centre or SCISWeb is not operating correctly, there are some things you can do to identify the cause of the problem.

1. If possible, check the access from another computer in the school. This will establish if it is just restricted to the computer in the library that you are using, or if it is a school-wide issue.

2. Ensure that the browser looks for the latest version of a web page:

  • Open Internet Explorer application.
  • From the top menu bar select Tools.
  • Select Internet Options.
  • Select Settings and check that 'Every Time you start Internet Explorer' is activated.
  • Click on OK, then OK again to return to browser screen.
  • Exit Internet Explorer and restart.

3. You may need to enlist the help of your computer support staff to review the settings and security on the school server which may be blocking access. They may need to clear the temporary Internet files on the server. It may be that a proxy being used is blocking access to our site, and they may need to bypass any proxy which is causing the access denial.

If access to SCIS products is due to our server failing, we suggest that customers wait and attempt to log on a little time later. If we have identified a problem which will take a longer time to resolve, we will post an Urgent Message on the SCIS Home Page, and the SCIS Customer Centre and SCISWeb pages.

2 SCIS user name and password

At the commencement of the new school year, some school library staff encounter problems accessing SCISWeb.

Some schools discover that their Internet Favorites have disappeared, due to work by the computer support staff. For some customers, this results in not being able to access SCIS Customer Centre or SCISWeb, as it was saved as a Favorite, with the user name and password automatically recorded.

Another problem can exist for new staff coming into the library. They may not be aware that the school has a subscription to SCISWeb, or of the school's user name and password.

To help overcome these problems, it is highly recommended that library staff note in the procedures manual the following information: