Educational Lending Right

Top 100 Australian books in school libraries

  • Who is the Australian author with the most books in Australian school libraries?
  • Which Australian picture book is at the top of the list for the sixth year in a row?
  • Does your library collection reflect what is popular in the majority of other school libraries around Australia?
  • Which three non-fiction books made it into the top 100?

To find these answers and more see the whole list at Educational Lending Right Survey, which is available online at

The top 100 Australian books in school libraries list has been collated based on the results of the Educational Lending Right Survey (ELR) 2005-06. SCIS undertook this survey on behalf of the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (DCITA).

It is thanks to the approximately 380 Australia school libraries who responded to the survey in October 2005 that the ELR 2005-06 Survey was such a success. A copy of the Curriculum Corporation Summary Report for ELR 2005-06 can be obtained from the ELR webpage. Schools who responded to the survey will receive a complimentary poster of the top 100 Australian books in school libraries in term 2 this year.

Keep an eye out for your chance to support Australian writers and publishers. If your school has over 100 students and uses one of these library automation systems: Amlib, Athena, bibliotech, bookMark, LibCode, Softlink Alice or OASIS you may receive a survey package in the mail during September or October this year.

ELR - Encouraging the growth of Australian writing and publishing