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3 Doors to InfoLiteracy
After extensive research, Dr Gwen Gawith developed a trademarked information literacy learning model and programme. based on twenty learning actions grouped into three categories, the site includes sections on: Learner's Role, Teacher's Role, Using 3 Doors, Curriculum Cases and Using 3 Doors for Research.
SCIS No: 1256874
Initiated with the aim of promoting bioscience literacy, this resource offers science students and teachers an array of information centred around seven bioscience challenges: environment, genome, biodiversity biotechnology, evolution, new frontiers and education.
SCIS No: 1253052

Government Education Portal - Australia
Focusing on the educational programs, policies, events, publications and resources of the Australian Government, this portal also contains links to educational sites within state and territory governments. The intended audience includes educators, students, employers and parents from all education sectors.
SCIS No: 1192389

Intel Education: The Journey Inside (SM) Cover
Intel has created a series of interactive, online lessons that encourages students to gain a greater insight into the world of technology. Topics covered include microprocessors, computers, the Internet and digital information.
SCIS No: 1234951

Internet Anagram Server/I, Rearrangement Servant: anagram, anagrams, anagram
by simply typing a word or phrase users can get the server to list possible anagrams. Advanced features allow users to specify minimum and maximum number of letters per word and to generate anagrams in several other languages.
SCIS No: 1256946

The Koori History Project
Designed and operated by Gary Foley of the Centre for Indigenous Education, University of Melbourne, this comprehensive indigenous history archive and education resource offers over 3500 pages of information, essays, images, cartoons, film archives and links.
SCIS No: 1115044

The Lab - Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Gateway to Science
Containing colourful graphics and a crisp, clear layout, this portal offers users a variety of contemporary and innovative science websites. Aimed at a youthful audience, content includes: Dr Karl, podcasts, Tv and radio program information, science news and an archive of previous features.
SCIS No: 1109320

Lemelson Center Presents Invention at Play
Developed by the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation, this resource focuses on the interaction of toys and play in the inventions of historic and contemporary inventors. Teachers can access appropriate classroom resources and activities.
SCIS No: 1218781

Picturing Books: A Website About Picture Books
Although not visually stunning itself, this guide to using picture books contains a wealth of information. Features include the anatomy of picture books, evaluating picture books, links to authors and illustrators, publishing, artistic style and media, and a glossary.
SCIS No: 1128767
Housing an impressive array of poetry, this searchable archive is divided into three groups: Classics, Original Works and Indie Poets. A useful feature is the link to additional poetry websites.
SCIS No: 1257006

Relativity: Einstein's Theory of Relativity in Animations and Film Clips. Einstein Light
Designed for both students and teachers of physics, this site emanates from the University of New South Wales. It features several encompassing multimedia modules to help simplify the complex topic of Einstein's Theory of Relativity.
SCIS No: 1257003

Science for Schools,,.html
Details of the scientific education projects operated by the CSIRO are outlined on this resource. The site houses information regarding awards, competitions, CSIRO Science Education Centres, the Double Helix Science Club and research projects for teachers and students.
SCIS No: 1256999

Snowy Hydro Homepage
Major aspects of the Snowy Mountains Scheme are outlined on this official website, which is suitable for case studies involving water, energy, engineering, the environment and tourism. Clearly organised features include: a picture library; maps; snow level and lake depth calculators; educational kits and programs; and associated links.
SCIS No: 1215358

Waterwatch Victoria
A community engagement program, Waterwatch victoria connects local communities with sustainable water management and river health issues. The information, links, educational resources and online activities are suitable for many aspects of environmental education.
SCIS No: 1038055

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South Grafton Primary School

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