New and revised subject headings

Headings marked with an asterisk in the following list are existing allowed headings that have been updated with changes to references or notes. New headings are marked as N. Headings that were USE references in SCIS Subject Headings Fifth Edition but are now headings in their own right are marked as A. Previously allowed headings that have become USE references are marked as U. Deleted headings are marked as D.

Maintenance to some other headings has also been done to ensure that all headings are consistent with instructions in SCIS Subject Headings and with their usage in the SCIS database. These are not listed below, but full details of all new and revised headings are available on the SCIS website at A cumulative list of all new and revised subject headings approved since publication of SCIS Subject Headings Fifth Edition is also available at this site.

* Abstract algebra
* Academic degrees
* Aerial photography
A Architecture, baroque
* Australia - Antiquities
A boolean algebra
N bosnian language
D Church - History
* Civil rights
A Croatian language
* Dried food
* Economic botany
* Economic zoology
N Flash photography
U Flashlight photography
* Food
* Foreign investments
N Frozen food (replaces Food, Frozen)
* Graphic novels
N Identity cards
* Language and languages
A Linear algebra
* Missionaries
N Natural food (replaces Food, Natural)
* Organic gardening
* Passports
* Scrapers (Tools)
A Serbian language
D Serbo-Croat language
A Serbo-Croatian language
* Sex role
* Sex role in education
A Smoked food
A Synthetic food
* Tools
U War and society
* War - Social aspects
* Women in Australia