New Little Books of Big Ideas from Curriculum Corporation

How to Succeed with Thinking

64 pp
Authors: Jeni Wilson and Kath Murdoch
RRP: $29.95
SCIS No: 1231637
ISBN: 1863666869

Teaching thinking has become a regularly discussed curriculum imperative because of the increased emphasis on student-centred approaches to learning.

Involving students as active learners and flexible thinkers who can and do think for themselves can be challenging. Developing a range of thinking capacities is much more than teaching a bunch of strategies. This book explores ways that teachers can promote higher-order thinking across the curriculum and develop lifelong learners who have abilities to tackle complex problems.

How to Succeed with Making Schools Inclusive

64 pp
Author: Julianne Moss
RRP: $29.95
SCIS No: 1189819
ISBN: 1863667776

This book aims to support teachers, school leaders and community members who recognise diversity and inclusivity as key values and resources in building social capital and improving the quality of schooling.

This accessible text provides examples of how it is possible to see the plurality of many forms of knowledge as central to all classrooms, regardless of the school context or sector of schooling. For schools to be more inclusive, it is important to focus on how whole-school approaches of policy, practice and culture are connected and interrelated. This includes a close examination of the learning of teachers and students and other community members, parents, paraprofessionals and support services alike.

How to Succeed with Learner-centred Assessment

64 pp
Author: Jeni Wilson and Kath Murdoch
RRP: $29.95
SCIS No: 1231644
ISBN: 1863666877

Strategic learner-centred assessment is primarily intended to inform students and teachers about what students need to do (as they are doing it) to improve student learning. Our selection of assessment strategies should reflect our values about what is important for students to learn and how they learn. A range of assessment types should be used to allow all students to demonstrate what they know and can do. This book includes practical suggestions for planning and managing assessment, and ways to actively involve students in the process.

More new resources from Curriculum Corporation

What's Hot! A way in to teaching critical literacies

128 pp
Authors: Christine Ludwig and Suzette Holm
RRP: $39.95
SCIS No: 1224059
ISBN: 1863667237

Practising critical literacies calls for an awareness that texts are not natural or neutral. This book places its emphasis on planning responsive and effective programs for students in the middle years as it responds to issues of change that most affect young adolescents - moving to new environments, expanding social horizons, and facing increased expectations and responsibilities. It does this by drawing on the roles of the literacy learner.

Students analyse Home and Away to reveal how appearance, shot types, framing, dialogue, voice tone, facial expressions, etc, construct characters in a particular way.

Students learn how views as portrayed in teen magazines vary among peers and community members.

Students learn that texts, such as fantasy texts or news reports, have distinctive structures to achieve particular purposes and to influence particular audiences.

Students also analyse a range of texts about food. They discuss the likely purposes - who is being invited to read the text, who is being left out and how readers and viewers are being positioned.

Reading the Visuals in the Middle Years

104 pp
Author: Rod Quinn
RRP: $39.95
SCIS No: 1208990
ISBN: 1863667423

Reading the Visuals in the Middle Years provides teachers with strategies for developing students' understanding of viewing and visual texts. Many important viewing concepts and skills can be taught by asking students to think about the uses of visual language in the world around them and through the use of still images.

The book features five sections:

  1. Exploring visual language - signs and symbols, logos and comics
  2. body language - facial expression, gesture and physical appearance
  3. visual language, attitudes and values - fashion, customs and stereotypes
  4. Technical elements - framing, lighting and composition
  5. visual texts - film, advertising and web pages.

Each section is divided into a number of units. Each unit consists of:

  • key concepts - a short summary of the key understandings that form the focus of the unit
  • teaching the visuals - an explanation of concepts and skills, and suggestions for explaining these to students
  • now try this - student activities and accompanying photocopiable activity sheets.

Attention! Mini lessons in speaking and listening

96 pp
Author: Gloria Rolton
RRP: $34.95
SCIS No: 1231550
ISBN: 1863667938

Teacher and student resource o WIZARD IDEAS

Speaking and listening are basic to all learning and should be taught across the curriculum. The 24 units outlined in Attention! provide mini-lessons where processes and specific skills are identified, introduced and practised. The book makes use of popular literature, evoking a response, developing empathy in students, and encouraging them to use their imaginations as they listen carefully to points of view and contribute personal responses. An introductory lesson on 'Teaching Active Listening' ensures that all students develop an understanding of the difference between listening and hearing.

Attention! comprises listening for pleasure, listening for information and listening to and assessing argument. Group activities introduce a number of familiar strategies such as role-play, brainstorm, Plus-Minus-Interesting, Readers Theatre, Y-Charts, and writing for purpose. Everyday situations provide the opportunity to perform and practise speaking skills through class meetings, hypotheticals, school assembly, greeting and thanking visitors, interviewing and debating - these are supported with thoughtful writing worksheets to consolidate and focus the learning.

Procedures and teaching strategies are presented in an easy-to-use format so that teachers can readily adapt and employ the pedagogy underpinning the book.

Let's Read Humour

96 pp
Author: Jane Caughey
RRP: $34.95
SCIS No: 1231543
ISBN: 1863667989

Teacher and student resourceo WIZARD IDEAS

Teachers everywhere will agree that the use of humour in any learning activity is bound to engage even the most reluctant student.

Children are naturally drawn to all things funny, and when presented with literature that makes them laugh, the reading experience can be enhanced for both student and teacher.

Let's Read Humour includes teaching suggestions and stimulating activities based on six humorous novels written by popular children's authors:

Totally Freaky by Moya Simons
The Adventures of Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey
Selby's Secret by Duncan ball
Sacked! by Rachel Flynn
My Mum the Pirate by Jackie French
Let's Do The Pharaoh by Jeremy Strong

These novels are selected specifically for the middle-upper primary student, catering for a wide range of reading abilities and using humorous language that will appeal to all.

The thoughtful activity worksheets are varied and fully photocopiable. Although the activities are predominately literacy based, additional 'multi-modal' activities are offered to cater for a variety of learning styles.