The Le@rning Federation

Teacher librarians… tell us your 'hot topics'?

Teacher librarians' fingers are on the pulse. Their role of searching for resources to suit particular themes or topics for teachers and students means that they know, better than most, the availability of teaching resources. The 'hot topics' - the topics in demand for which resources aren't readily available - are no secret to teacher librarians. As such, The Le@rning Federation (TLF) is asking teacher librarians to share their 'hot topics', and, in doing so, make suggestions about the content that TLF develops.

TLF has focussed on developing resources that, in line with curriculum demands, assist in the teaching and learning of difficult concepts, as well as those that engage and motivate students' learning. This focus is evident when reading about the learning objects in TLF's catalogues or on the website; but what else is needed?

In collaboration with the education systems, curriculum experts, subject matter experts and ICT specialists, teachers have direct input into the development of TLF content. As a result, there is now a pool of free, relevant digital content that supports teachers and students' learning. Continuing teacher input into what TLF develops is vital to ensure the resources remain relevant to current areas of study, continue to meet the needs of students, and are what teachers want to use.

While the collaborative approach to the design and development of TLF content is extremely valuable, and successful, TLF is interested in hearing a wider variety of views from those directly involved in using the content. The teacher librarian community, given its privileged position of being 'in the know', is in a great position to provide valuable insights.

A feedback section on the TLF website has been established so you can share your 'hot topics' for the primary years and secondary years up to, and including, Year 10. 'Hot topics' can be specific, such as, 'there's a need for resources to assist in teaching students in primary, years 3-4 about wind and solar power as alternative energy sources', to the more general, 'there needs to be more resources on financial literacy for the middle years of schooling'.

Your contribution could influence what resources TLF develops. Have your say. visit 'hot topics'.

Andrea MacLeod
Communications Officer
The Le@rning Federation

Information about learning objects and digital resources is available in 'About TLF Content' on the TLF website. Catalogues, which are updated quarterly, for each curriculum area and the digital resource collection are available on the website, and can be also be downloaded.