SCIS news

  1. New online version of SCIS Authority Files
    Customers with a subscription to SCIS Authority Files are now able to download the files from the SCIS Customer Centre page. There will be two types of files: Reference only Authority Files and Full Authority Files. More information on the these files is available at

    The current CD-ROM version will continue to be provided to subscribers.

  2. New SCIS Records in SCIS OPAC
    New SCIS Records has been upgraded. This is a service that allows you to search for books, websites and other resources catalogued by SCIS in the last one to four weeks. SCISWeb customers can access New SCIS Records from within SCIS OPAC. This 'behind the scenes' upgrade has improved linking between the New SCIS Records titles lists and full record displays in the SCIS OPAC.

  3. SCISWeb profile
    More options have been provided to customers in their SCISWeb profile, available from the SCISWeb page. New options include:

    • ISBN duplicates - be prompted to choose from a list of records with the duplicated ISBN or most recent record with a duplicated ISBN
    • ISBN format - will control the output in your data file: ISBN as entered in record or ISBN-13 only or both ISBN-10 and ISBN-13
    • Subject heading format.

    More information about these options is available from SCISWeb profile Help.