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BBC: Schools – Games
An extensive and varied collection of educational games, vetted and assessed under the auspices of the BBC, are available for both primary and secondary students. The games are graded according to age and themed by subject.
SCIS No: 1216401


Bullying at School and What to Do About It
The serious problem of bullying is the focus of this comprehensive site created by Ken Rigby, who is an Adjunct Research Professor and educational consultant at the University of South Australia. Content includes background information, practical advice, a video and additional links to related sites.
SCIS No: 1277734

Cybersmart Kids Online
The Australian Communications and Media Authority has produced this site to assist parents and children to safely experience the Internet. Guides are available for different age groups on how to be 'cybersmart', along with a variety of engaging and pertinent links.
SCIS No: 1026245

Ecological Footprints: Calculators
Victoria's Environment Protection Authority has produced a fascinating interactive resource that students and staff can use to measure 'how much nature we have, how much we use, and who uses it. It shows us how much biologically productive land and water a population (an individual, an organisation, a city, a country, or all of humanity) requires supporting current levels of consumption and waste production, using prevailing technology.'
SCIS No: 1294107

The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art
This charming museum, located in Massachusetts and founded in part by Eric Carle, aims to promote an understanding and appreciation of the wonderful art that can be found in picture books. A unique resource for teacher librarians.
SCIS No: 1313494

Find Information on the New Zealand Legal System
This official site from the NZ Ministry of Justice provides legal studies students with information and links regarding the constitution, government, legislature and court system of New Zealand.
SCIS No: 1313501

The Museum of Modern Art: Tall Buildings
Secondary students studying design or architecture are encouraged to explore 25 recently planned tall buildings from around the world. Dealing with more than an appreciation of architecture, the site focuses on technology, urbanism and current concerns about tall buildings.
SCIS No: 1313505

National Geographic: Secrets of Egypt
The wonders of ancient Egypt are explored on this easily navigated, entertaining and interactive website. Using the most recent advances in software, students can explore pyramids, make models or preview movies. Lesson notes are available for teachers.
SCIS No: 1123430

NREL: Learning About Renewable Energy Home Page
Vital aspects of research into renewable energy technologies are the focus of this K–12 site, which also provides information on energy efficiency and the applications of renewable energy including solar, wind, hydrogen, geothermal and biofuels.
SCIS No: 1313508

Picturing Words: The Power of Book Illustration
Containing colourful graphics and a crisp, clear layout, this resource from the Smithsonian Institution Libraries offers users an innovative insight into the inspiration, importance and influence of book illustrations.
SCIS No: 1313516

Human Society and Its Environment
This portal contains a comprehensive array of links to primary HSIE topics and the resources needed to teach them. These include videos, lesson plans, software and texts
SCIS No: 1313580

Murder Under the Microscope
Developed by the NSW Environmental Trust, this environmental crime game has been running each year since 1995. Teachers of students in Years 5–8 register their class to enter the competition to solve the fictitious eco-crime.
SCIS No: 1313586

Vatican Museums Online
For five hundred years the artistic and cultural masterpieces of the Vatican have been collected and housed in several museums and palaces. Many of these collections can be viewed online along with accompanying historical background information.
SCIS No: 1307352

WaterAid is 'an international charity dedicated to helping people escape the stranglehold of poverty and disease caused by living without safe water and sanitation'. Students and teachers will encounter a variety of lesson plans, games, activities, country information packs and an online video.
SCIS No: 1280546

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