Acting from the Heart: Australian advocates for asylum seekers tell their stories

256 pp
Edited by Dr Sarah Mares and Dr Louise Newman
RRP: $24.95
SCIS No: 1313206
ISBN: 9781876451783

What motivated thousands of ordinary Australians to become involved in supporting the plight of asylum seekers and to oppose their government's immigration policy and practice?

In Acting from the Heart over 50 people, who reflect the diversity of this movement, tell their stories in a disturbing and uplifting record of this pivotal time in Australian society.

For some, the 'refugee issue' has become a defining personal stance, one which has engaged and divided families and communities. Acting from the Heart shows the hardship and commitment behind this extensive grassroots political movement. Stories, poems and political cartoons by Australia's foremost, award-winning cartoonists make up this powerful and provocative book.

Time to Celebrate: Identity, diversity and belief

Time to Celebrate: Identity, diversity and belief

96 pp
Authors: Mark and Olga Fox
RRP: $34.95
SCIS No: 1281021
ISBN: 9781863667036
Teacher resource: Years 5–9

Time to Celebrate offers an introduction to some of the world's cultures by examining festivals and associated cultural events. It features a rich background to many of the world's important festivals, as well as practical ideas and activities that link to learning areas including SOSE/HSIE, Literacy, The Arts, LOTE and Civics and Citizenship Education. The book has a particular focus on celebrations in Australia and the Asian region so that students come to better understand themselves and their closest neighbours.

By studying festivals, students will begin to understand more about the multicultural world in which they live and to examine their own attitudes in respect to values such as tolerance, inclusion, respect and freedom.

Create and Celebrate: Hands-on projects

Create and Celebrate: Hands-on projects

64 pp
Authors: Mark and Olga Fox
RRP: $34.95
SCIS No: 1281022
ISBN: 9781863666800
Teacher and student resource: Years 5–9

Create and Celebrate is a book of student activities that complements the teacher resource Time to Celebrate. The book contains a wide range of enjoyable activities for students and includes model-making, dioramas, recipes and plays.

The activities in this book centre around the celebration of ten festivals and celebrations. The creative and hands-on approach means that students will be actively involved in focused and powerful learning. Art, craft and food can also be used as easy, accessible and engaging introductions to the study of celebrations, festivals and the Asian region. Visual and kinaesthetic learners in particular will benefit from the design–make–appraise model of learning. The activities have minimal requirements for materials and preparation. Teachers and students will find them both fun and educational.

Teaching and Learning Multiliteracies: Changing times, changing literacies

Teaching and Learning Multiliteracies: Changing times, changing literacies

148 pp
Authors: Michèle Anstey and Geoff Bull
RRP: $35.95
SCIS No: 1280570
ISBN: 0872075863
Teacher resource

Discover how multiliteracies can help teachers and students respond to the evolving nature of texts. This timely resource explains the concept of multiliteracies and provides teachers with the literacy knowledge, resources, attitudes and strategies that their primary and middle years students need to succeed in a changing world.

Authors Michèle Anstey and Geoff Bull present a range of new and established ideas about literacy, emphasising successful practices. Chapters cover how teachers can rely less on print texts, respond to new trends in children's literature, and balance guided reading with outcomes-based curricula and school-wide approaches to planning.

New concepts are accompanied by reflection strategies to help teachers think about their understanding of literacy, multiliteracies and texts. All chapters include sections that demonstrate how to incorporate multiliteracies every day in the classroom.

New Little Books of Big Ideas
How to Succeed with Education for Sustainability

How to Succeed with Education for Sustainability

64 pp
Author: Josephine Lang
RRP: $29.95
SCIS No. 1282657
ISBN: 9781863666893
Teacher resource

In the school community everyone plays a role in working towards sustainability. This involves working across the foundational pillars of sustainability: ecological, economic, sociocultural and political. Good governance, social justice, reducing resource use, sustainable development and cultural diversity are examples of sustainability issues that are tackled by school communities implementing Education for Sustainability.

This book provides school communities with a framework to succeed in implementing Education for Sustainability, including:

  • understanding the complexity of sustainability
  • identifying the values and principles of sustainability
  • organising the school community to build capacity for learning and sustainability
  • focusing leadership and school management towards sustainability
  • using pedagogies that explore and support sustainability
  • building productive partnerships for sustainability
  • developing skills to engage whole-school planning and evaluating progress of working towards creating sustainable futures.

Education for Sustainability focuses on building capacity within the school community to work, live and learn together to create a sustainable future.

How to Succeed with Problem-based Learning

64 pp
Author: Dianne Chambers
RRP: $29.95
SCIS No: 1231649
ISBN: 9781863666886
Teacher resource

This book gives an overview of problem-based learning, why it might be chosen as an educational approach and how it connects to desired outcomes (information literacy, communication and teamwork). It is for all teachers who are planning to implement problem-based learning. This includes school leaders (principals, curriculum heads, etc) who are considering educational innovation for their school and who wish to gain an overview of this approach to teaching and learning.

There is growing interest in this approach to teaching, as learning takes place in an authentic context where highly motivated learners develop many of the skills and knowledge that educational systems promote. These include information literacy skills, IT skills, teamwork, leadership, investigative skills and communication (oral, written and multimodal) skills.