SCISWeb Handy hints


1. Create orders/Upload order files using TLF learning object ID

As part of the SCISWeb redevelopment project, subscribers can now Create orders or Upload order files using The Le@rning Federation (TLF) learning object's identification code, rather than ordering by SCIS number.

When an order is created with the SCISWeb profile set to Abridged DCC, the Call Number will display the abridged form and the MARC records supplied will have the abridged DCC.

Each TLF learning object has its own numeric code preceded by the letter'L' for interactive multimedia learning object. For example: L123. Each numbered learning object is catalogued separately in SCIS. For example: Soil is issued as a set of three separate learning objects – Explore soil, Create a soil environment and Soil types. Each of these objects has a TLF identification code and a SCIS number.

Users can now order TLF records using the TLF identification code.


2. SCISWeb profile

The SCISWeb profile provides a summary of information relating to the customer's subscription and options for downloading records from SCIS. It states the school's user name and a link to the number of records downloaded for the current calendar year. It also offers options to change the output format of your data files.

As part of the SCISWeb redevelopment project to improve services, subscribers are able to select the name of their library system from the drop-down list in their SCISWeb profile. Library system names are recorded to help SCIS improve services by liaising with school library vendors.

Select the name of the library system from the drop-down list.

If your library system is not in the list, then use the Other, please specify box to enter the name of your library system. SCIS will be notified that a new library system name has been submitted and take the necessary steps to include it in the list.

3. Catalogue records for EnhanceTV study guides


SCIS have catalogued the study guides available from the EnhanceTV website at

These study guides are free to download and many support the copied programs in the EnhanceTV online store and the television programs that schools have recorded.

In the SCIS catalogue record, the study guide PDF has electronic resource for the GMD. For example: Art house [electronic resource] : study guide / Robert Lewis.

Notes advise schools where they can locate the study guide.
For example: Free download available from EnhanceTV online store at:

After the catalogue records for study guides have been downloaded into your library management system, library staff can download the pdfs from the EnhanceTV website. Once these pdfs have been saved on the local network, library staff may want to add a link to the pdf for each catalogue record in their library management system.