SCISWeb Handy hints

1 Creating order files – dynamic results

As a result of enhancements to SCISWeb, both the RESULTS and the RECORD file, usmarc.dat, pages are created dynamically; that is, they are created ‘on the fly’.

If you create an order and then change your SCISWeb profile - Dewey preference, you will see the changes when you view the RESULTS. Examples of SCISWeb RESULTS screens for the same order are shown.

SCISweb Results screen, Full DDC

Example 1: SCISWeb profile – Dewey preference set for Full DDC

SCISweb Results screen, Abridged DDC

Example 2: SCISWeb profile – Dewey preference changed to Abridged DDC

2 Navigating in SCISWeb

Use the links Return to create order page or Return to upload order page rather than the browser Back button. Using the browser Back button may result in reprocessing the order. A duplicated order file would appear in the ORDERS TABLE (creating possible confusion).

It is important to find navigation buttons within the pages when you want to move back, as it will help maintain connectivity and avoid creating excessive temporary Internet files.

Navigating back from RESULTS screen

Navigating back from RESULTS screen

Navigating back from CREATE ORDERS screen

Navigating back from CREATE ORDERS screen