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American Association of School Librarians

Produced by the American Library Association, this professional website for teacher librarians includes sections on technology, advocacy, information literacy, publications, blogs and student achievement.

SCIS No: 1345944

Artsedge – Blues Journey

The history of blues music is explored using video, audio and text on this entertaining and informative website. Associated lesson plans and links are included.

SCIS No: 1345960

Australian Children's Books

This portal holds a wealth of background material about Australian children's literature, from the earliest published books to contemporary works. The array of resource links to authors, awards, genres and publishing is impressive.

SCIS No: 1345999

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Students can create and graph their carbon footprint by using the calculator on this site. Suggestions for carbon reduction in the home, by commercial companies and through more efficient vehicle usage can then be trialled using the calculator. Studies of individual corporations are included.

SCIS No: 1346007

Charles Dickens Museum – Virtual Tour

Teachers and students can undertake a virtual tour of the London home of Charles Dickens, from wine cellar to library. This website focuses on background information about the environment Dickens lived in, rather than his works.

SCIS No: 1320509

By setting up a free account, users can store all their bookmarks centrally, selectively share them and view what others are bookmarking. This social bookmarking site allows bookmarks to be organised by tags, or key words, and allows users to share pertinent links to topics of interest.

SCIS No: 1346131

Jack Prelutsky

A selection of Jack Prelutsky's inventive and humorous poetry is brought to life on this interactive, animated website. Teachers are also catered for with specific poems and a range of classroom activities.

SCIS No: 1346016

Maths with the Mob

Kindergarten teachers can add an Aboriginal perspective to their mathematics lessons by using the lesson plans and ideas available from this website. The resources are readily available and also incorporate visual arts activities.

SCIS No: 1198655

New Zealand Edge – Heroes

A well-organised and informative site, featuring biographies of New Zealanders who have made significant contributions in their chosen fields. Highlighting risk taking, achievement and perseverance, this site inspires students to think laterally themselves.

SCIS No: 1346574

Poetry – Interactive

Australian author Libby Hathorn has developed this appealing poetry website focusing mainly on interactive poems for younger students. Additional material is available for older students and teachers.

SCIS No: 1346581

Rainforest Maths

Primary students can undertake hundreds of engaging interactive mathematics activities on this rainforest-themed site. They can choose the level they are comfortable with and are offered feedback from their results.

SCIS No: 1320193

RBA – Education

Student information and teaching resources about Australia 's economy, monetary policy and the role of The Reserve Bank of Australia are available from this official website. Key economic data and statistical information are featured.

SCIS No: 1255549

United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

Reports and programs dealing with the threat of increased desertification are available from this UN site. Secondary students will find the material useful for environmental studies and for background information on the World Day to Combat Desertification, celebrated on 17 June every year.

SCIS No: 1252458

Welcome to SoundJunction

This stunning, award-winning site is designed to broaden the musical knowledge and repertoire of upper primary and secondary students. They are encouraged to listen to music and deconstruct it, compose new music and understand new styles. Teachers have access to a range of teaching packages.

SCIS No: 1258383

Reviewed by Nigel Paull, Teacher librarian, South Grafton Primary School


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