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Australian War Memorial Online Encyclopedia
Using the content from their own databases and websites, as well as links to external sources, the Australian War Memorial has developed an encyclopedia featuring Australia's military history and information on the Memorial itself.
SCIS No: 1358800

Bullying. No Way!
An initiative of all Australian education authorities, this site provides research, extensive resources, strategies and information about how to address bullying. The material is relevant for primary and secondary students, parents, staff and community members.
SCIS No: 1096974

Climate Change Resources for Teachers and Students – What You Can Do
Crammed with a variety of information, this Australian Government site is invaluable for studying the impact of climate change. Highlights include a thirty-year visual record of landscape and vegetation change in Australia, a guide to green vehicles and programs for school communities.
SCIS No: 1358805

Digital Camera Tips and Reviews
One of Time Magazine's top 50 websites for 2007, this encompassing resource offers beginners to digital photography a range of tutorials, tips and graphics to explore the techniques, software and hardware needed to obtain quality results.
SCIS No: 1358817

Digital Learning Objects
Explore the large number of new resources now available in the Digital Learning Objects section of nzmaths. Although school registration is required to access these resources, NZ teachers will uncover valuable teaching activities, interesting curriculum links and some engaging websites.
SCIS No: 1358835

Film Australia Digital Learning – Digital Resource Finder
Winner of the Secondary Educational Website category in the 2007 Australian Awards for Excellence in Educational Publishing, this resource features free video clips from Film Australia's extensive collection. Integral to the site are the search engine and resource sheets that partner the clips.
SCIS No: 1358881

The Going to Uni Homepage
This Australian Government site caters for students in Year 12 contemplating university in 2009. Students and parents will find a range of essential information regarding courses, fees, entrance requirements and government assistance.
SCIS No: 1031553

Nobel Prize Internet Archive
Current and past Nobel Prize winners in the categories of literature, physics, chemistry, economics, peace, physiology and medicine are listed. Quizzes, news bytes, interviews and randomly selected Nobel links will engage students.
SCIS No: 1074296

Poetry Foundation: The Online Home of the Poetry Foundation
Hosting an impressive array of poetry, this searchable archive is published by an independent US literary organisation. Aiming to promote the best poetry to the widest audience, The Poetry Foundation's website also features podcasts, news, blogs, a children's section and access to Poetry magazine.
SCIS No: 1358504

Reading Rockets: Video Interviews
Part of a larger USA multimedia project focusing on how students learn to read, this section features video interviews with 50 children's authors and illustrators. The interviews highlight early breaks, favourite books and insights into writing and illustrating.
SCIS No: 1358547

Science by Email
This innovative online science newsletter is produced by the CSIRO primarily for teachers and members of the Double Helix Science Club. Content includes: science news, experiments, quizzes, top science websites, competitions and SCOPE TV previews.
SCIS No: 1358675

Sea and Sky
Vital aspects of the world's oceans are investigated, with particular emphasis on the environment, commerce and recreation. A variety of technology and photography is used to promote the many facets and importance of the global ocean.
SCIS No: 1358684

Shaun Tan
Shaun Tan's superb illustrations and art works are the feature of this website. Other sections comprise biographical data, the background to the 'picture books for older readers' he has written and illustrated, and information regarding other projects he is involved with.
SCIS No: 1302618

Vue de Monde: French Restaurant Melbourne
The visual feast of this beautifully presented website is matched by the menus and recipes on offer at the restaurant, bistro and café. Secondary students studying French, web design, graphic art and food technology will be intrigued by this imaginative site.
SCIS No: 1358690

Reviewed by Nigel Paull, Teacher librarian,
South Grafton Primary School

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