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10 years of SCISWeb!

Schools commenced downloading catalogue records from the Internet using SCISWeb 10 years ago. The online process was a great improvement on the previous delivery methods for catalogue records that schools had been using from 1977 until 1997. Rather than wait for the delivery of catalogue records in the post, library staff could log onto SCISWeb to download the catalogue records they required.

Over the 10 years the number of catalogue records on the SCIS database has almost doubled. At the beginning of 1998 schools had access to 595,595 catalogue records. By the beginning of 2008 they had access to 1,020,441 catalogue records including over 10,000 websites.

Enhancements have been made to SCISWeb to improve the service over the years. The number of users has increased significantly – from 7,307 at the beginning of 1998 to 11,124 at the beginning of 2008. The majority of subscribers are based in schools in Australia and New Zealand, with some schools from 23 other countries also using SCISWeb.

SCIS subscriptions 2009

The cost of a subscription to SCISWeb, SCIS Subject Headings Online and SCIS Authority Files will not increase in 2009. In October 2008, invoices will be despatched to schools not involved in a bulk subscription. Look on our website for payment information,