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Literacy and Learning in the Content Areas (3rd ed)


Author: Sharon Kane
Publisher: Holcomb Hathaway
RRP: $69.95
SCIS no: 1525664
ISBN: 9781934432068
Years: 6–12

This book’s unique approach to teaching content area literacy will actively engage pre-service and practicing teachers in the very activities that they will use to teach literacy to students. Rather than passively learning about strategies for incorporating content area literacy activities, readers get hands-on experience in such techniques as mapping/webbing, anticipation guides, booktalks, class websites, and journal writing and reflection.

Guidance is also provided on how to integrate children’s and young adult literature, primary sources, biographies, essays, poetry, and online content, communities and websites, into their classrooms. Each chapter of this valuable resource offers concrete teaching examples and practical suggestions to help make literacy relevant to students.

‘Can We Skip Lunch and Keep Writing? Collaborating in class and online, grades 3–8


Author: Julie D Ramsay
Publisher: Stenhouse Publishers
RRP: $43.95
SCIS no: 1525217
ISBN: 9781571108470
Years: 3–8

Can We Skip Lunch and Keep Writing?’ shows teachers how to weave technology throughout the curriculum and get students so fired up about writing that they don’t want to stop when the class ends. Teachers will learn how to select appropriate digital tools, guide and involve students in the learning process, and differentiate instruction to meet individual needs.

Through the author-educator’s inspiring stories and lessons, teachers in the middle years of schooling will discover how technology-assisted writing can foster innovation, global communication, and creative problem solving — developing responsible, productive digital citizens whose inherent love of learning will travel with them throughout their lifetimes.

Foundation Blocks: Knowledge and Understanding of the World


Author: Mavis Brown
Publisher: Education Services Australia
Print book:
RRP: $36.95
SCIS no: 1515033
ISBN: 9781571108128

RRP: $21.00
SCIS no: 1391748
ISBN: 9781742003771
Years: F–3

Now also available as an ebook, Foundation Blocks: Knowledge and Understanding of the World focuses on equipping young learners with the knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes they need to make sense of the world and their place in it. They acquire effective tools for future learning in science, design, information and communication technology, history and geography.

The learning activities are set in real life contexts so that young learners can relate to them, and many activities address more than one skill at a time. Activity types include experiences with exploration and investigation; designing and making; information and communication technology; time; place; cultures and beliefs.

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Comprehension First; Inquiry into big ideas using important questions


Author: Claudia Cornett
Publisher: Holcomb Hathaway
RRP: $64.95
SCIS no: 1525689
ISBN: 9781890871987
Years: 3–10

Comprehension First is about pedagogy that makes comprehension the priority in reading and content area study. The model presented responds to calls from literacy experts and professional organisations for inquiry-based instruction that prepares readers to be active meaning makers who are adept at both critical and creative thinking.

The book introduces a before, during and after Comprehension Problem Solving (CPS) process to help teachers ask key questions that encourage substantial comprehension based on themes and conclusions drawn from literary works and expository texts. It further describes how to orchestrate research-based best practices to build lessons and units around big ideas and important questions.

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