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The Improve online formative assessment tool ( was developed by Education Services Australia to meet a need in schools for an interactive system that can be used by teachers and students to support improved learning. Improve was released nationally in December 2011 and is available for you to use in your classroom.

Improve website
The Improve website features English and mathematics tests and quizzes.

Improve creates individual learning paths for your students based on their success and confidence in answering test questions in a low stakes, fun environment. You can create customised tests and quizzes for your students, and access a number of English and mathematics tests and quizzes. The test items are also linked to resources available through the National Digital Learning Resources Network.

Your students join classes via your Improve Teacher PIN code. Using their own secret password they can access the quizzes, tests and learning resources that you have prepared for them. After your students complete a test or quiz, Improve will provide each of them with a report on their test results and with access to one or more activities, based on their results and the level of confidence they indicated in their answers. You can monitor the completion of tests, quizzes and activities used by all your students. Once two test cycles are complete, you can check to see if your students’ outcomes have improved.

Devonport, Tasmania's Miandetta Primary School has been using Improve for some time. 'Some of the work has been with the whole class using the interactive whiteboard and some has been directly targeted to individual student needs depending on their initial test results', explains teacher Wendy Adams.

'The children enjoy completing the tasks set for them. I have also used the vast collection of resources to create my own quizzes and learning sequences for my class.'
Wendy says the program is an asset to her classroom, 'The tests have given me some valuable insights into my students’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as providing easily accessible resources to use to address their needs.'


Improve is accessible in a number of ways:

Scootle users
On the Improve home page (, teachers can select Log in via Scootle, or from the Scootle ( menu bar, select Use Improve.

Jurisdiction portal users
Teachers can access the Improve registration process by locating the resource R12306 Accessing Improve in their local portal and selecting 'Register' from the resource's main screen.

Improve website help link

Help and Support

The Improve support page:, provides a range of help activities, including teacher support videos, online help and a teacher guide.

You can also contact the helpdesk for support, by phone 1800 620 970 or email

Emily Van Leuvan

Emily Van Leuvan

Senior Communications Officer
Education Services Australia