What our survey revealed

Connections readers were offered an opportunity to provide us with feedback with a link to a survey from the SCIS website which was promoted in the last two issues of Connections. The results will assist us to know what is working for our readers and what could be done better or differently.

SCIS subscribers, who have submitted an email in their SCISWeb profile, receive an email alert when a new issue is available. The alert provides abstracts and links for the articles. 90% of respondents reported that they appreciate receiving the email alert.

Connections is mailed free of charge each term to all Australian schools. All content is available from our public website. 62% of respondents indicated they would not like Connections to only be available online.

International schools which include all New Zealand schools, have access to the electronic version of Connections. The largest region or sector to respond to the survey was New Zealand schools. One advantage to reading the newsletter online is that it makes for richer reading, as all the links provided in articles and regular features can be followed.

We are reviewing all the comments provided by respondents. Some people have made specific requests for articles. It is hoped that in each issue of Connections there will be articles of interest to all levels of staff in school libraries.

Perhaps you would be interested in writing an article on a topic that you think should be shared with other school library staff. Please contact us as we would be very interested in discussing publishing an article written by school library staff. Original content from the people who are working in the specialised field of school libraries are highly valued and appreciated by Connections readers.

Anthea Amos

Anthea Amos

SCIS Projects & Information Services Coordinator
Education Services Australia