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ABC Learn video library
A subsection of the Australian Broadcasting Commission's ABC Learn website, this link features a diversity of video footage suitable for the Australian curriculum, sourced in partnership with Education Services Australia.

SCIS no: 1522932

Apple in Education
For schools using iPads, iPods or even iPhones, this official Apple website has details and links to an amazing array of applications for both teachers and students. Full details of costs (many are free) are included.

SCIS no: 1563393

Collected magazine
Collected is the magazine of the School Library Association of New Zealand Aotearoa. The magazine comprises feature articles, regular columns and some reviews. The magazine is available free online and previous issues are archived and available in pdf format.

SCIS no: 1561972

CSIRO Ocean tracks
The CSIRO has tagged nine marine species and has tracked them. Using stunning 3D images the fish can be followed in their natural environment. For full functionality users must install the Unity Web player available on the site.

SCIS no: 1563190

Dipity - Find, create and embed interactive timelines
Dipity allows subscribers to create and share interactive multimedia timelines using a variety of media. Examples of the vivacity of these timelines can be seen on the website. Although a basic plan is available for free, premium plans are via subscription.

SCIS no: 1521929

My garbology
This award-winning website focuses on waste management. Teachers are catered for with a series of lessons, students are encouraged to undertake ‘garbology’ activities and parents have their own content too.

SCIS no: 1563204

Geocube – The world of geography at your fingertips 
Using the principle of the Rubik cube, this innovative website offers students six faces and 54 topics to spin through. They explore what geography is and its importance through a variety of subjects and content.

SCIS no: 1563269

Muppets – Sesame Street 
K-2 students will enjoy exploring the rich content of this entertaining website which features all the characters from Sesame Street involved in games, videos, songs and associated activities.

SCIS no: 1563275

Musee Rodin
The Musee Rodin, a monographic museum, was created in 1916 after Auguste Rodin donated his works and collection to France. The website details the museum, the collection, exhibitions, a chronology of Rodin’s achievements and the location of significant Rodin collections held around the world.

SCIS no: 1563283

Positive behaviour for learning
The focus of this NZ website is on deterring bullying, encouraging positive behaviour and thinking and allowing learning to flourish in all school settings. Readings, teaching programs and allied tools are readily available.

SCIS no: 1563301

Smartcopying - the official guide to copyright issues for Australian schools and TAFE
The publisher of this website is the National Copyright Unit (NCU), a specialist copyright team responsible for copyright policy and administration for Australian schools and TAFE. Easily navigated and comprehensive the copyright information contained on the website is indispensable to all schools.

SCIS no: 1355530

Educators planning on using team-building activities for staff development days, classrooms or outdoor activities will discover a plethora of engaging activities and icebreakers to appeal to a wide range of age groups and situations.

SCIS no: 1563348

We choose the moon
Created by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum for the fortieth anniversary of the first lunar landing, this striking Flash-based website offers researchers a combination of video, mission audio excerpts and stills photography.

SCIS no: 1420619

Web 2.0 links
Copacabana Public School in NSW has compiled an extensive array of Web 2.0 links suitable for teachers to use in classrooms. A link is also available to an extensive Web 2.0 tips and tutorials website.

SCIS no: 1563359


Nigel Paull

Teacher librarian
South Grafton Primary School
New South Wales

The Internet sites selected in Website reviews are often of a professional nature and should be initially viewed by teachers and library staff to determine suitability for students. The links, content and address of these sites are subject to change.