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2014 International Year of Family Farming

The United Nations has proclaimed 2014 the International Year of Family Farming to highlight the role farms play in hunger reduction and sustainable development. This site features resources, background information and details future events.
SCIS no: 1643987

Connect & collaborate with NASA on social media

NASA has provided an abundance of diverse space-related material on this website, accessible in various formats. Access is available via e-books, blogs, all popular social media sites, chats, apps, RSS feeds and sound. Specific sub-sections are available for educators, students and the public.
SCIS no. 1643997

Educreations interactive whiteboards

This free app virtually transforms an iPad into a recordable, interactive whiteboard. Teachers and older students can create lessons or presentations incorporating images, handwritten text and recorded commentary. The results can then be shared over email, Twitter or Facebook.
SCIS no: 1543076

Forvo: the pronunciation guide

This website offers both the spoken and written pronunciation of literally millions of words in hundreds of languages, often with the choice of regional dialects. It is ideal for students and teachers struggling to find the correct pronunciation of words.
SCIS no: 1539734 Learn, teach, and share online video lessons

Curious matches great teachers and their instructional videos with lifelong learners on a moderated website, which sets a standard for the content. Many lessons are free, however teachers may charge subscribers a fee for their individual lessons.
SCIS no: 1644014


Developed by visual artists who wanted to collaborate on images, this innovative and free online app allows teachers and students to share, communicate, critique and collaboratively work on images, website design and photos in a secure environment.
SCIS no: 1644058

NSW Association for Gifted and Talented Children

This association's website offers parents and teachers of gifted and talented students a multitude of resources, reviews, news, forums, blogs, event information, contacts and FAQs. Part of the site is available to the public, while membership offers the full range of features.
SCIS no: 1644027

Resources for schools

Hosted by the Australian Government this portal offers a wide range of pertinent and important websites for teachers and students. Links vary from the National Library of Australia's mobile catalogue app to CSIRO's Do it yourself science and ASIC's MoneySmart teaching.
SCIS no: 1644034

School kits - the Australian Made campaign

A component of the overall Australian Made website, the education section offers interactive activity sheets, e-books, lesson plans and background information on Australian manufactured and grown products which feature the Australian Made logo. The benefits of purchasing locally produced goods are outlined to students by an animated character.
SCIS no: 1644043


This engaging, free IOS and Android app allows teachers to set a variety of multiple choice, true/false or short-answer quiz-type questions that students can respond to on any device with a web browser, such as tablets, smartphones, or laptops. The results are then available in graph format on the teacher's device or accessible via email.
SCIS no: 1644052

Seriously amazing

The staff at the Smithsonian have been asked countless questions over the years. This website publishes a host of intriguing questions, with links to the answers and additional information. Topics come from the fields of art, popular culture, science and history.
SCIS no: 1626164

Top 50 school library blogs

This is just the site for teacher librarians with an interest in keeping abreast of all the exciting changes occurring in their profession. The blogs are witty, erudite, inspiring, charming and thought provoking. The content has an American orientation, but does include blogs from Australia and New Zealand.
SCIS no: 1626169

Nigel Paull

Nigel Paull

Teacher librarian
South Grafton Public School, New South Wales

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