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Education Services Australia (ESA) markets and distributes educational resources under the Curriculum Press imprint. ESA's products and services support schools, teachers and local communities in the delivery of high quality teaching and learning programs.


Curriculum Press is excited to announce that our ebooks are now available for purchase via Wheelers Books and OverDrive ebook platforms. This is great news for schools and libraries, as it means these ebooks can now be integrated into your library management system. After registering with either of these platforms, you can select Curriculum Press ebooks for your students or library users to access.

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Supporting the Australian Curriculum

In February 2014 the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) released updated Curriculum for a number of learning areas. Foundation – Year 10 Curriculum for the Arts, Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business, Health and Physical Education, and Technologies are now available online at

Our 2014 range of titles promoting the effective teaching and learning of the Australian Curriculum can be viewed at

Our bestselling Australian Curriculum range includes:


Cover image for Connecting With Geography

Connecting with Geography:
Strategies for an inquiry classroom

Years: 3-6

Author: Marianne Ward

Publisher: Education Services Australia

ISBN: print 978 1 74200 559 1 ebook 978 1 74200 560 7

SCIS no: print 1603668 ebook 1603670

Designed for primary teachers who are not geography specialists,
this book provides practical, adaptable scaffolds to make geography
inquiry stimulating and accessible.



The Arts/Health and Physical Education:

Cover image for Teaching Primary Dance

Teaching Primary Dance
A primer for generalist primary teachers

Years: F-6

Author: Katrina Rank

Publisher: Education Services Australia

ISBN: print 978 1 74200 557 7 ebook 978 1 74200 558 4

SCIS no: print 1607398 ebook 1607910

Ideal for teachers who want to teach primary school dance, but don't quite know
where to start. This book covers everything you need to know from setting up a
dance program to learning to use the body as an instrument of dance.



Cover image for History What A Drama

 History – What a Drama!

Years: 3-8

Author: Ann Parry

Publisher: Education Services Australia

ISBN: print 978 1 74200 552 2 ebook 978 1 74200 553 9

SCIS no: print 1577151 ebook 1577155

Designed for teachers of history looking for techniques to construct quality
learning experiences for their students, this resource features role-plays,
simulations and dramatic activities to engage students in reconstructing the past.





Cover image for Guiding Thinking For Effective Spelling

Guiding Thinking for Effective Spelling

Years: F-8

Author: Christine Topfer and Deirdre Arendt

Publisher: Education Services Australia

ISBN: print 978 1 74200 481 5

SCIS no: print 1414400

This book provides clear direction for educators looking to improve
their students'; reading and writing by establishing a spelling culture.
Within a supportive community and as active participants in their own
learning, students learn to love language, become confident spellers and
independent communicators.



Cover image for Uncovering History

Uncovering History Using Multimodal Literacies

Years: F-12

Author: Geoff Bull and Michèle Anstey

Publisher: Education Services Australia

ISBN: print 978 1 74200 541 6 ebook 978 1 74200 543 0

SCIS no: print 1526294 ebook 1526297

By focusing on developing and applying concepts through historical
inquiry, this resource will help ensure students are learning history,
rather than doing history.



Cover image for Connecting With History

Connecting with History

Years: 3-6

Author: Geraldine Ditchburn and Stacey Hattensen

Publisher: Education Services Australia

ISBN: print 978 1 74200 542 3 ebook 978 1 74200 544 7

SCIS no: print 1524112 ebook 1524119

This book is designed for classroom teachers who are not history
specialists, and includes practical, adaptable scaffolds and ideas to
make history inquiry stimulating and accessible.





Cover image for Lighting Mathematical Fires 2

Lighting Mathematical Fires 2

Years: 2-8

Author: Derek Holton and Charles Lovitt

Publisher: Education Services Australia

ISBN: print 978 1 74200 550 8 ebook 978 1 74200 551 5

SCIS no: print 1577137 ebook 1577144

This resource provides stimulating material in the form of a series
of problems – some of which are really investigations or explorations
– which can be tackled by students of different ages and abilities, giving
them the chance to think like a research mathematician.




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