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Michelle Harvey

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Supporting the English curriculum

Reading is a skill that, once learnt, many take for granted. We are required to read on a daily basis in order to find out information, understand events taking place in our world, and communicate with others. We can also read for pleasure, whether an online blog, a novel, or subtitles in a movie. Often, we do this without conscious thought.

However, by stepping back and thinking about what is involved in the process of not only reading, but understanding what is being read, it becomes apparent that reading is a complex cognitive skill, which can be shaped and moulded. In every classroom, students bring with them their own unique set of abilities, experiences and attitudes, which can help or hinder their progress in learning to read. Some flourish and excel, while others require further assistance or guidance in order to achieve their reading goals.

Thankfully there is a plethora of tips and tools available to assist you in teaching students how to read and comprehend texts.

The Australian Curriculum requires students to be exposed to a range of texts including 'oral texts, picture books, various types of stories, rhyming verse, poetry, non-fiction, film, multimodal texts, and dramatic performances.' Providing a mix of both entertaining and informational pieces allows students to discover the various structures and tones used, while also understanding that texts can serve different purposes.

At Curriculum Press, we have a wide range of English resources, with a great selection of reading-based titles suitable for all year levels, including our three feature titles below.


Active Readers Lower Primary cover image

Active Readers series

Years: K-12
Author: Cheryl Lacey
Publisher: Education Services Australia
Yrs F-2 SCIS no: 1334091 / ISBN: 978 1 86366 666 4
Yrs 3-4 SCIS no: 1334092 / ISBN: 978 1 86366 667 1
Yrs 5-6 SCIS no: 1334094 / ISBN: 978 1 86366 668 8

The Active Readers series supports the development of comprehension in primary students through an inquiry learning approach using the six key comprehension strategies: prediction/prior knowledge, questioning, visualising, text structure, think-aloud, and summarising. Each book contains a planning guide, useful classroom templates, reproducible worksheets, and student text explorations.


Reading With Meaning cover image

Reading with Meaning (2nd ed)

Years: K–6
Author: Debbie Miller
Publisher: Stenhouse Publishers
SCIS no: 1116635
ISBN: 978 1 57110 307 9

This book provides new thinking about comprehension strategy instruction, the gradual release of responsibility instructional model, and planning for student engagement and independence. Author Debbie Miller has further developed her vision of strategy instruction and intentional teaching, offering planning documents with matching assessments to ensure no student falls through the cracks.


Igniting A Passion cover image

Igniting a Passion for Reading

Years: K-12
Author: Steven Layne
Publisher: Stenhouse Publishers
Print: SCIS no: 1452582 / ISBN: 978 1 57110 385 7
ebook: SCIS no: 1660206 / ISBN: 978 1 57110 861 6

Available in print and ebook formats, this title is packed with practical ways to engage and inspire readers of all ages. From reading aloud and creating reading lounges, to organising author visits, it will assist you in creating a vibrant reading culture in your classroom. This is a valuable resource for any teaching toolkit.


Michelle Harvey

Michelle Harvey

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