New and revised subject headings

A summary list of new and revised SCIS subject headings is provided in each issue of Connections. For the detailed lists of new and revised subject headings, see the quarterly subject heading lists.

In the summary lists, headings are marked with:

*Existing allowed headings which have been updated with changes to references or notes
AHeadings which were previously USE references but are now headings in their own right
DDeleted headings
NNew headings
UPreviously allowed headings which have become USE references
* Allergy
* Antigens and antibodies
* Bacteriology
* Cancer
* Christian ethics
 * Christianity
* Clubs
* Communicable diseases
* English literature
* English poetry
* Ethics
* Horse riding
N Immune system
U Immunity
* Islam
N Islamic ethics
* Jewish ethics
* Leukaemia
N Lung cancer
* Office equipment
* Pathology
* Physiology
* Poetry
N Religious ethics
N Riding clubs
N Snowboarding
* Social ethics
* Sporting equipment
* Vaccination
* War - Religious aspects
N Welsh literature
A Welsh poetry
* Winter sports