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Highlights of Connections 72

Libraries for a post-literate society
Doug Johnson outlines the attributes of the library serving the post-literate - children and young adults who choose to meet their primary information needs through audio, video, graphics and gaming rather than print.  Read more ...

After school in the library media centre
Gamers Club is one part of a broad after-school program that helps the middle school library to provide services for more time and in more ways than the regular school day allows. Read more ...

A library without books?
Mal Lee believes that the difference between a school library and an information services unit is both a perception and a reality. Read more ...

Shopping online saves time: a library supplier's view
A specialist library supplier outlines the advantages of using an online service to make informed purchasing decisions. Read more...

Schools Online Thesaurus (ScOT)
Have you been wondering how ScOT's going? Recent initiatives have positioned ScOT as a significant tool for the description
and retrieval of education resources.

Rights of the Reader poster
Download the ICON - PDF  Rights of the Reader poster, with permission from Walker Books.