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This page features our most recent or highly recommened professional resources to support teaching practice. Please visit for a full list of titles or to place your order.

Teaching and Learning Multiliteracies: Changing times, changing literacies


148 pp
Authors: Michèle Anstey and Geoff Bull
RRP: $39.95
SCIS No: 1280570
ISBN: 9780872075863

Discover how multiliteracies can help you and your students respond to the evolving nature of texts. This timely resource explains the concept of multiliteracies and provides you with the literacy knowledge, resources, attitudes and strategies your primary and middle years students need to succeed in a changing world.

In this book, the authors present a range of new and established ideas about literacy, emphasising successful practices. Chapters cover how teachers can rely less on print texts, respond to new trends in children’s literature and balance guided reading, outcomes-based curriculums, and schoolwide approaches to planning.

New concepts are accompanied by reflection strategies to help you think about your understandings of literacy, multiliteracies and texts. All chapters include examples of how to incorporate multiliteracies into the classroom every day.

Learning for Themselves: Pathways to independence in the classroom


128 pp book and CD-ROM
Authors: Jeni Wilson and Kath Murdoch
RRP: $45.00
SCIS No: 1334087
ISBN: 9781863666657

In a world of rapidly changing knowledge and growing demands for new and transferable skills, classrooms are increasingly being viewed as places in which students need to learn how to learn for themselves. Central to this objective is developing students’ capacity to work independently and manage themselves as learners. This requires teachers to have a repertoire of effective strategies and structures.

Learning for Themselves provides dozens of examples and templates designed for teachers in a range of school settings.

This book and its companion CD-ROM includes teacher support materials and recognises the importance of student learning preferences, thinking, goal setting and the role of independent inquiries in a classroom that promotes student selfmanagement. Teachers can print full-colour illustrated templates from the CD-ROM.

[NEW] Action Stations: Digital Storytelling


80 pp
Authors: Adam Brice and Richard Lambert
RRP: $42.00
SCIS No: 1402251
ISBN: 9781742003146

Effective communication is not just about speaking and listening, reading and writing. Today’s students need skills to help them navigate the ever-increasing world of new texts. The engaging workshop activities included here lead students to:

  • examine the main elements of a film or digital story, such as camera angles, editing and sound – and how filmmakers use them to create dramatic and psychological effects

  • analyse different genres of film and media, such as mystery, comedy, advertising, reality TV and current affairs

  • cement the knowledge gained by using these techniques to construct their very own digital story – and perhaps hold a film festival!

Because Digital Storytelling examines the elements of film and existing genres, the resulting student productions are far more sophisticated and informed than films produced by a ‘point-and-shoot’ approach to the technology.

The approach fosters transferable skills in students, including literacy, teamwork, resilience and self-confidence, problemsolving skills and leadership capacity.

The Action Stations series for middle and upper primary students introduces new technologies to the classroom. Each Action Stations book shows both why and how teachers can practically and meaningfully use specific new technologies in their classroom to develop literacy, analytical and thinking skills. Practical in nature, Action Stations titles contain lesson plans, templates, proformas and a toolkit of resources for teachers.

See IT, Make IT, Use IT: Linking computers and mathematics


88 pp book and CD-ROM
Author: Donna Gronn
RRP: $49.95
SCIS No: 1267787
ISBN: 1863667962

See IT, Make IT, Use IT will inspire teachers to start using technology in the classroom. Designed especially to support teachers in the early years of primary schooling (P–4), this resource demonstrates how to create teaching aids and promote computer use within the classroom using tables and drawing tools in Microsoft Word® and basic functions in Microsoft Excel®. The content is ideal for use with an interactive whiteboard.

The book contains 32 simple and practical activities that have been organised around 16 tools. The tools include number charts, calendars, tens frames, arrays, location charts, number lines, two- and threedimensional shapes, tangrams, tessellations and graphs.

Each tool features:

  • See IT – a description of the tool

  • Make IT – step-by-step instructions for the teacher to create the tool from scratch on the computer

  • Use IT – activities that show how the tool can be used in the classroom to teach mathematical concepts with suggested variations that allow teachers to differentiate the task

  • Help desk – ICT tips and tricks.

The book also contains student task cards for each activity and a CD-ROM of templates and teaching tools that can be adapted by teachers to suit their own classroom needs.