The SLANZA wiki

On the school library listserv, the same questions are asked about the same things over and over again. Often these questions relate to books with a particular theme. A group of school librarians, all of whom are members of SLANZA, the School Library Association of New Zealand Aotearoa, have gathered together the lists we have been collecting in our own files for years and shared them in a collaborative space.


The SLANZA wiki

Along with the book lists, there are commonly asked questions from the listserv, links to information that library staff find useful, particularly new or isolated library staff, places to go for helpful information, library management help, Library 2.0 and everything from weeding advice to useful readings, and from ideas for managing your student librarians to information literacy. These have all been put in an easy-to-navigate, searchable, easy-to-find place: the SLANZA Collaborative Wiki, The site was for members only while it developed. As a result of a consultative process, it is now open to view by everyone (though only SLANZA members can contribute). It is hoped that our membership will grow when people see the value of working collaboratively with other members of the organisation and the fact that members have created a new useful resource. It is particularly useful for our isolated members and primary school librarians with limited hours, but we really hope that there is something there for everyone.


A blogs page on the SLANZA wiki

There is a huge amount of information already there, and more being added all the time (wiki by their nature evolve). There are places you can discuss topics, you can join in other people’s discussions, you can initiate discussions of your own, you can message members. Find out what is happening around the country and see what others are doing in their regions.

The wiki is an extra tool in your library toolbox and for some an introduction to the cool things you can do with web 2.0. Most importantly, what we hope is that members contribute to the wiki, keeping it alive and growing.

Bridget Schaumann
Librarian/Careers Advisor
King’s High School, South Dunedin

If you are not yet a SLANZA member, you can download the membership application from the SLANZA website,