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About ELR

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About ELR

Educational Lending Right (ELR) is an Australian Government cultural program administered by the Department of Communications and the Arts.

SCIS manages the ELR school library survey on behalf of the Department of Communications and the Arts. The ELR School Library Survey collects data used to estimate the number of copies of specific titles held in Australian school libraries. These book counts are the basis for payments to Australian book creators. The payments are to assist book creators and publishers to continue producing Australian books.

Australian book creators value ELR

Many Australian book creators have provided statements about the value of ELR to their ability to write and illustrate books for children. Read some in the right panel or read more book creators' statements.

Who is invited to participate in ELR?

750 schools across Australia are selected each year to participate in ELR. This includes schools with enrolments over 100 from all sectors and schools that use library systems compatible with ELR software.

When does the ELR survey operate?

Schools will be approached from October and data files required no later than November.

How do schools participate in ELR?

Schools follow simple instructions to provide a data file report or a backup file from the school library management system. And that is the survey done! Previous participants report it to be a very quick process.

Want to know more?

ICON - PDF  More information about the ELR school library survey

ICON - PDF  Frequently asked questions

ICON - PDF  Summary Report from the ELR 2013-14 school library survey

ICON - PDF  The 100 highest scoring books in the ELR 2013-14 school library survey

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Information for schools invited to participate in ELR

Protecting school privacy

The privacy of all schools will be rigorously maintained. No individual libraries will be identified in the final survey results.

Documents to assist schools to run ELR

ICON-PDF   Agreement to participate, if required by your school

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Feedback from participants

When you have completed the survey process, please let us know if the information, instructions and support were sufficient for you to participate easily by using the participant feedback. Your feedback will help us improve information and support for future ELR surveys.

Contact us

Telephone 03 9207 9600 or freecall outside Melbourne metropolitan area 1800 337 405
Education Services Australia
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ELR - Encouraging the growth of Australian writing and publishing

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Marianne Musgrove values ELR

"Contrary to popular belief, authors aren't rich (sadly!). ELR payments are a key factor in my ability to keep working as a full time writer without having to take on unrelated work. ELR means more stories for kids." 


 Recent titles by Marianne Musgrove:

  • The worry tree 
  • Don't breathe a word
  • Lucy the good
  • Lucy the lie detector

You can read more about Marianne and her books from her website.




Doug MacLeod says thanks
for participating in ELR

 "Most of my work sells into schools. Quite simply the ELR money helps me, perhaps even enables me, to keep writing. Thank you ELR for the support over the years, and for supplementing the income of writers." 

Doug MacLeod

Recent titles by Doug MacLeod:

  • I'm being stalked by a moonshadow
  • The clockwork forest
  • Siggy and Amber
  • The life of a teenage body-snatcher

Read more about Doug and his books from his website.




 Diana Lawrenson can keep writing 

"I’m glad my books are in libraries where they can be borrowed multiple times for free. But it’s equitable for the books’ creators to receive some recompense for lost sales. ELR recognises both this and the ongoing value of my work. It allows me to keep writing."


Diana Lawrenson


Recent titles by Diana Lawrenson:

  • Crocodile river
  • Paraphernalia’s present
  • Your bones are stronger than concrete

Read more about Diana and her books from her website.