SCISWeb manual

The SCISWeb manual provides a quick introduction to using SCISWeb for ordering catalogue records. It is recommended for new subscribers and those new to using SCIS. 

Downloading cover images (ICON - PDFpdf, 123kb)

This technical note outlines downloading and configuration options for book cover images accessed through SCIS, including configuring Z39.50 for retrieval of cover images. Cover images are named with the ISBN of the corresponding book.

My Profile Help

Use My Profile to set up a new SCIS subscription, or to update details if you have a change of library contact or a new library management system.

SCIS Z39.50 Help

Use Z39.50 Help to add the settings for SCIS access if you are activating a Z39.50 service in your library management system. For information about retrieving cover images through Z39.50, see Downloading cover images (pdf, 123kb)

SCIS Authority Files Help

Information for subscribers to SCIS Authority Files including factors to consider prior to downloading and importing authority files.

SCIS Subject Headings Help

Guidelines on applying SCIS Subject Headings in records.

SCIS Webinar Help

SCIS webinars are hosted via Adobe Connect. Here you'll find further details on technical requirements and setting this up.




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The WA Malaga depot has relocated. Cataloguing drop-offs are now available at: Campion Education, 751 Marshall Road, Malaga WA 6090.


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