Payment Options

The following options are available to organisations wishing to pay for SCIS products and services.

  1. Credit card
    Complete the credit card details on the SCIS credit card details form and send by email or fax to SCIS at Education Services Australia.
    ICON - PDF Credit card details
  2. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    Transfer the money electronically into Education Services Australia's bank account.
    ICON - PDF Bank details
  3. Cheque
    Australian schools may send a school cheque made payable to Education Services Australia Ltd.
    New Zealand and international schools need to obtain a bank draft in Australian dollars from the school's local bank.

Please note:
As SCIS subscriptions are for a calendar year a note on the invoice states "If payment in Australian dollars is not received by 31 December access will be disabled".

There is a grace period at the beginning of the year when you will have access to SCIS until 13 February. If your payment has not been received by 13 February you will not be able to access SCIS. As soon as payments are received they are processed promptly to minimise time without access.

Schools will be invoiced for any shortfall in payments.
All bank fees are the responsibility of the customer.

ICON - PDF Education Services Australia terms of trade

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What's new

Professional Learning in Term 1, 2016

SCIS will run three webinars on Tuesdays from 16 February, including Introduction to SCIS (FREE); Downloading SCIS records; and Searching and Selecting on the SCIS Catalogue.

We'll also be running workshops in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in March, Melbourne in May and Brisbane in June.

Visit our professional learning page to register or find further details.

Education Lending Rights 2015

A big thank you to all participating schools in the Educational Lending Rights 2015-16 survey. We are very grateful for the participation of over 350 schools helping to support Australian book creators and publishers. Visit our ELR page to learn more about the survey and how it encourages the growth of the Australian writing and publishing industries.

Connections Issue 96

Connections Issue 96 is out now. Click here to read about how Vancouver Public Schools in the U.S. revamped their school libraries, the importance of multicultural literature in the school library's fiction collection, the skills needed to teach critical web literacy, how to teach social history in the classroom, and more. Have any feedback? Send us an email at

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