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The SCIS Customer Support team assists schools using SCIS

SCIS offers a range of products that assist in the management of a school library.

Subscribing to SCIS ensures library staff have more time to assist teaching staff and students as cataloguing time is minimised.


Download catalogue records for resources used in Australian and New Zealand schools. SCISWeb is also relevant for international schools. SCISWeb contains catalogue records for print resources, e-books, digital video and quality educational websites that have been evaluated for their suitability in supporting school curriculum programs.

SCIS Subject Headings

Online lookup access to the comprehensive controlled vocabulary developed specifically to provide subject access in library catalogues relevant to Australian and New Zealand schools.

SCIS Authority Files

Insert See and See also references into the local library management system to enhance resource discovery in schools.

Free trials

SCIS provides free trials of SCISWeb.


View sample records

Library staff may view a ICON - PDF  sample file of catalogue records or a ICON - PDF  sample file of website catalogue records.

A file of five sample catalogue records (.dat file) or  five sample website catalogue records (.dat file) is available for importing/uploading into your local library system. Email SCIS to obtain the files.

Subscribing to SCIS products

Please visit the Subscribe page to download order forms for SCIS products.

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We are pleased to announce that we will be launching a new SCIS website in August 2017. Please keep an eye on future issues of Connections, our blog, and our social media accounts for further announcements.


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Please note that Education Services Australia will no longer be distributing the Victorian schools mailing list, effective 30 June, 2017.

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