SCISWeb is a subscription service that allows schools to download catalogue records from the SCIS database, an online database of over 1.3 million complete catalogue records for educational resources, including print resources, e-books, website records, sound recordings, video recordings, electronic resources and educational games. All catalogue records on the SCIS database are created in accordance with current international cataloguing standards and include SCIS subject headings and ScOT terms, as well as abridged and full Dewey Decimal Classification numbers. A licence arrangement with Thorpe Bowker allows SCIS to make book cover images for selected resources available for download as part of the subscription cost. Find out more about downloading cover images.

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The SCIS Orders page

Downloading SCIS records

Records can be downloaded from the SCIS database by three different methods, all of which are available to any SCISWeb subscriber. The most common way of accessing the database is via our SCISWeb Orders page, a web interface which allows customers to bulk download records by scanning or typing a series of ISBNs into the 'Orders' box. SCISWeb quickly matches the ISBNs of your resources to catalogue records on the SCIS database (including matching between ISBN-10 and ISBN-13), and returns them as a file which can then be downloaded and imported into your library management system. For more help, see the SCISWeb manual.

Alternatively, the SCIS Catalogue can be used to search for records, particularly for non-book resources (such as websites, electronic resources, learning objects, and video and sound recordings). The SCISWeb Orders page and Catalogue are entirely web-based services and do not require any specialised software be installed for you to start downloading records ready for importing into your library management system.

SCIS also offers subscribers access to the SCIS database via the Z39.50 protocol, alternatively known as Rapid Entry, SmartPort or Z cataloguing. Using this method of access is dependent on your library management system having Z39.50 capability and your system will need to be configured so that it can access the SCIS database. For more information about Z39.50 cataloguing please see our Z39.50 help page.

Library staff are welcome to request a ICON - PDF 5 day free trial of SCISWeb.

Instructions on how to subscribe to SCISWeb

SCISWeb customers pay an annual subscription fee based on school enrolment size. The SCISWeb subscription is based on a calendar year and expires in December.

Before subscribing please read the ICON - PDF Licence Agreement and the ICON - PDF Terms and conditions of sale.

Complete a ICON - PDFSCIS order form and send to Education Services Australia. An invoice will be sent with details on how to access and use SCISWeb. SCIS offers unlimited customer support to SCISWeb subscribers during business hours.

Payment options

  1. Complete the credit card details on the ICON - PDFSCIS order form before sending to SCIS at Education Services Australia.
  2. Australian schools may send a school cheque made payable to Education Services Australia. New Zealand and International schools need to obtain a bank draft in Australian dollars from the school's local bank.
  3. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) option allows the school to electronically transfer the money into Education Services Australia's bank account. ICON - PDF Bank details

Please note:
Schools will be invoiced for any shortfall in payments.
All bank fees are the responsibility of the customer.

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What's new

Genre update

SCISWeb profile settings have been updated to include an option for genre headings. To read more about this update and to learn how to activate this setting, please visit our blog.

Our New Zealand bank account is here!

We are pleased to announce that SCIS has set up a New Zealand bank account. All renewal invoices for NZ SCIS customers will be in NZD and will contain our NZ bank account details. For further information, please email

New Authority File update

We have released an updated version of SCIS Authority Files for September 2016. If you are subscribed to Authority Files, you can download them from our Authority Files page.

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